Quick response and turnaround time is critical in insurance related matters, therefore; Remedial Building Solutions have a specified purpose built management platform to meet requirements of the insurer which allows our estimators to attend to enquiries within an efficient timely manner of receipt and offer claims data at each of the stage of claims process. This allows our clients to make timely decisions based on an accurate real-time reporting.

We have highly experienced management capabilities with insurance companies and loss adjusters and a proven track record. We provide quality solutions that meets the needs of both insurance companies and their customers.

This structure, commitment and technical knowledge has resulted in Remedial Building Solutions becoming a preferred builder for Insurance companies, brokers and loss adjusting companies.

Given our specific niche expertise, Remedial Building Solutions have structured an insurance related team with a diverse range of trades and experienced management team with who can attend to high volume domestic claims efficiently and major commercial claims diligently, resulting in monetary savings and time for the insurance companies and their client.

Our insurance services include:

  • Residential, commercial, minor and major claims
  • Home warranty insurance claims
  • General remedial and rectification
  • Competitive quotations, scope of works and detailed specifications
  • Total claims handling
  • Water related diagnostics and special purpose reports
  • Damage inspection reports & diagnostic testing
  • Emergency cleaning, demolition and makes safe
  • Building restoration of any building from fire, water or natural or malicious damage.
  • Volume claims management
  • Major loss project management

Our benefits include:

  • Expertise in intricate rectification matters
  •  Quick response time
  • Regular update and communication between RBS management and all relevant parties
  • Strict WH&S and quality assurance guidelines

A large portion of insurance related matters are water ingress concerns, therefore; given our expertise, specifically in water related matters, Insurance companies and loss adjusters engage our services as a starting point to visually or manually inspect and diagnose these matters. This expert and specific service provided has resulted in minimizing the client in engaging several contractors or attempted repairs which in turn results in a substantial economic saving, reduction in delays and satisfied insurance companies and their clients.

Our services are applied to new and ageing dwellings or properties affected by a disaster. Our services range from $5k to multi million dollars.


Remedial Building Solutions provide minor and major repair and restoration services of residential buildings with over 90 years of combined experience. We service all major insurers and loss adjusters servicing claims in the Sydney metropolitan area, Central Coast and Wollongong regions.

Our specialised services include but are not limited to, roof repairs and replacement, water related diagnostics, water related rectification, general rectification and re-build and structural related matters.

Our purpose-built claims management platform was developed to meet the specific requirements of the insurance repair industry and offers claims data at each stage of the claims process. This allows our clients to make timely decisions based on an accurate real-time reporting.


Commercial matters are complex and affect trading and operations. Remedial Building Solutions offer emergency and rapid response times and a full range of building reinstatement services as a result of water, fire or natural damage.

As a result of our efficient attendance and capabilities in these matters, Remedial Building Solutions have the ability to reduce disruption which results in a reduction of costs to the business owner and insurer.

Our benefits include:

  • Experience in delivering complex project under demanding commercial conditions;
  • Industry knowledge ensuring provision of the most cost effective and advantageous outcomes for our clients and their policy holders;
  • Expertise across all facets of the construction trades;
  • Innovative and flexible approach to large and complex projects, ensuring prompt, trouble free, and transparent project completion and resolution;
  • Consistent communication throughout the duration of the project ensures all parties are kept up-to-date and informed;
  • Project and budget management skills ensure projects are delivered both within budget and to agreed KPIs.